How we can help?

There are often complications when working with many different landscaper services for design, installation and maintenance. However, Brower Landscape Company, provides all of our landscape services under one roof, streamlining and making your project much more enjoyable.

We built our reputation with over 30 years of beautiful landscape installation in Naples, FL. Our extreme attention to detail is implemented throughout our design, install, and continued into our maintenance programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

+- How much does landscape installation cost?

A landscape installation project can vary in cost according to the size of the project and what kind of elements are in the design. For example, a paved driveway installation can make the installation more costly than just a landscape renovation with no hardscapes or other features. There are several factors that can affect the cost of a landscape installation. This is why we suggest starting the process off with a design. Once the design is complete we can very accurately provide a quote or proposal.

+- Do you warranty your landscape installations?

At Brower Landscape Company, we offer the standard landscape industry warranty of South West Florida. 90 days on all perennials and a 1 year on palms and trees (excluding acts of god). However, if we are awarded the maintenance contract on the property, our warranty covers any of the plants we installed for as long as we maintain the property.

+- How do you estimate a landscape installation job?

After the design process, we have a very good idea of what it's going to take to accomplish the design in the install phase. To estimate the installation, we calculate how much labor, materials, and any equipment we need for the installation process.

+- How long does a typical landscape installation take?

Typically, a landscape installation takes up to 2-3 days or 2-3 weeks depending on the elements of the design and what is involved with the construction. The time to install a landscape design is all dependent upon the scope of the project and the elements in the design.